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David Toohey

30 November 2018

Why is Strategy Important?

There is so much depth to strategy but I really just want to give you reason to consider strategy if you haven’t already. Not to go […]
23 November 2018

Holiday Time? Time to Get Busy.

If you’re finding this is the start of a quieter time, people aren’t buying and decision making waiting until after the holiday period, this is the […]
21 November 2018

6 Reasons Your Financial Reports Aren’t Accurate

When a good bookkeeper is used, all transactions are correctly recorded and reconciled as they happen, but does this mean your reports are accurate?  In most […]
19 November 2018

Value in a Chief Financial Officer

After returning to South East Queensland in 2011 the first thing that I noticed about business that surprised me was the lack of real interest in […]