David Toohey, Author at Ascendis Solutions

David Toohey

19 November 2018

Value in a Chief Financial Officer

After returning to South East Queensland in 2011 the first thing that I noticed about business that surprised me was the lack of real interest in […]
14 November 2018

Coaching – The Business and Personal Relationship

Both stresses and issues in one’s personal or business life impacts on the other. Many business coaches look at just the business matters, business goals and […]
20 September 2018

The Value of Internal Audit

An independent, objective and systematic review of your organisation’s activities designed to provide assurance to your own management that the system of internal controls implemented is […]
30 June 2018

New Financial Year Resolutions

Each year we all hear about New Year Resolutions, and often feel pressure to list some resolutions usually in areas of health and fitness. Like for our […]