For Bookkeepers - Ascendis Solutions

For Bookkeepers

Support With Clients

A complimentary support service, assisting you with direction and guidance through work your with our mutual clients.

Impart Knowledge

Through having Ascendis work alongside you, we'll impart financial and general management knowledge for your professional growth

Extend Capabilities

Partnering with Ascendis means your clients can obtain extended services that don't compete, aiding your client retention

Client Growth

Your business grows as your clients grow. Opportunities to aid this increases your business sustainability as you become more profitable.

FInancial Management

Relevant Business


Hands-on practical experience supported by qualifications gives you confidence in the value brought to clients

It's important to always look for ways to add value to your clients, help them improve, grow and achieve their goals. As a part of their financial management team do you consider ways you can help, look after them, keep them as an ongoing client into the future?

Are We a Good Fit?

It's important that we're a good fit for you, you're a good fit for us, and of course it's all a great fit for the client!

Besides an advocate for greater investment in financial management, you'll be wanting:

  • to be above the standard achieved within Australia
  • to provide a higher level of service for your client
  • to see your clients managed well, supported and grow

Why We Want to Work With You

Like yourself, with limited time and resources we can only take on so many clients at a time. We want good clients, clients that respect and appreciate the need to be on top of their books.  Knowing you're looking after them means we can be confident in the information we're seeing and working with.

What Comes Next?

It's all very simple.  We have an informal chat. We discuss how you work, the service you provide and what you want to provide, your plans for the future.  We then look at how to support you in achieving that, and which clients have the greatest need and potential for you to grow with.


Interested in Partnering?

If you see this as an opportunity for you and your clients, taking things to the next level... get in touch and we'll have a chat to see what may work best.